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Savannah Ghost & Cemetery Tours

Savannah's Original Ghost Tour Company - Celebrating Over Two Decades of Excellence! 100% Local & Woman Owned. This company did the research! Don't be fooled by the copycats!

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Per Governor Kemp’s May 28th, 2020, Executive Order, beginning June 1st, maximum group size will be limited to 25 guests until further notice. Social Distancing & Masks Required.

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The Best Savannah Ghost and Cemetery Tours

Savannah Ghost Tours & Bonaventure Cemetery Tours presented by 6th Sense World® – Celebrating 21 Years of excellence and masterful storytelling!

Join the leading tour company in uncovering Savannah’s haunted history and heritage. Gather your friends and family and join us as we explore our beautiful city’s rich and varied past. Come experience what everyone is talking about! Our Master Storytellers bring our Savannah Ghost Tours and Bonaventure Cemetery Tours to life with thrilling stories and true to life mysteries!

We invite you to come along for a leisurely stroll and explore the ethereal and haunting side of Savannah ~ America’s Most Haunted City®. Bring your cameras, your enthusiasm, and… an open mind.

Discover why we’re not just one of the oldest Savannah Ghost Tours and Bonaventure Cemetery Tours, but the best! There may be other ghost tours in Savannah, but why not choose the company that helped pave the way in bringing Savannah’s haunted heritage to light more than two decades ago? We are the trendsetters and bar raisers.

But don’t take our word for it, our reviews speak volumes. Find us on TripAdvisor, Google+, Yelp, Facebook … and see why we made the USA TODAY list of TOP 10 Tours!

As Seen on Wheel of Fortune, Scariest Places on Earth, The Travel Channel, Georgia Traveler, the L.A. Times, and many more!

Book your Savannah ghost tour with confidence knowing our local, professional team will take care of you, beginning to end.

Join 6th Sense World for an experience you won’t soon forget in Savannah, Georgia ~ America’s Most Haunted City®!

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What are people saying about 6th Sense World?

We did the 2 hour walk and it was super fun! Great stories and history of Savannah and some of our photos turned out some spooky faces in Windows!! Well worth the money and fun for the entire family! My kid also had a blast with the emf detector!

– Cath H. on TripAdvisor

My mom and I went on the 2 pm Boneventure your and despite the weather being wet and rainy , Dawn was amazing . Her knowledge was extensive ! She not only had a deep understanding of the history of Savannah and the cemetery , but her anecdotes and personal connection to the city made the tour brilliant! 10/10 would recommend ! She also brought umbrellas for those of us who didn’t have during the rain!

– Peetah P. on TripAdvisor

We had a great time on this tour. We have lived here for five years and have gone on a couple of haunted walks. This was by far the best one we have been on.

– Daniel O. on TripAdvisor

Prince was an amazing guide. He was very knowledgeable and made it super fun! Love his sense of humor as well! Me and my husband realy enjoyed it! I loved hearing all the different stories of the houses and was and still am completely freaked out! The last house really got me....Scary just doesn't even cover it!

– Amanda P. on TripAdvisor

This was my first time using sixth sense, third time doing a tour in savannah. Prince was great and the stories and homes were all completely different than past tours. My kids loved it too!

– Libby H. on TripAdvisor

My husband and I enjoyed our tour with Sixth Sense. Prince was very knowledgeable and entertaining. Everyone should try a tour to find out some of the history if they haven't while visiting Savannah. I snapped a few pictures along the way and it appears that there is something in the window. Thoroughly pleased with my experience.

– Amanda R. on TripAdvisor

We had a great experience with the spirit formally known as Prince. He knew his stuff and he wasn't over-the-top and dramatic. He told the stories with energy and even threw a little humor in there. We really enjoyed it.

– Allison Y. on TripAdvisor

My friends and I had been on various ghost tours in Savannah. Our guide was very informative on the houses and the history behind the buildings. He did a great job relaying the stories and adding his own experiences at each location. Which made the tour more intriguing & personal. Wish it could’ve been longer.

– Hailee S. on TripAdvisor

We had such an amazing guide for our Truthseeker's Tour! He kept us enthralled with tales of the macabre, shared previous guests' stories and pictures, answered every question, and was willing to listen to anything we wanted to share. He must have taken us through a time slip, as there is no other way the tour lasted two full hours! If you want a true experience, make sure you go with The Spirit Formerly Known As Prince!

– klw013 on TripAdvisor

Great stories! I've been on this tour 3 times. It was interesting each time. The walking isn't bad and it makes you feel the history of the past even more.

– Rita E. on TripAdvisor

I took a Bonaventure Cemetery tour with Laura Moonwoman and learned so much. I had no idea what the symbolism on gravestones meant. I learned about Savannah's leading and not to leading citizens. Well worth the price.

– 193_y_c on TripAdvisor

Our guide was the Spirit formerly known as Prince. He took us to many creepy locations and told us some awesome stories and even showed us photos he and other guests caught that are tough to explain. If you like history that's spooky this two hour walking tour is filled with it and Prince makes it fun. Highly recommended!!

– Pat P. on TripAdvisor

The event started slow but once going it was amazing. Our guide, Prince, brought the evening alive. Or maybe brought the dead back to life. He did a great job.

– Randy L. on TripAdvisor

We had a great tour with "Prince". Learned a lot of interesting history about Savannah on this tour. I didn't see any ghost lol, but we did get some floating orbs in our pics. I'll let you decide if it is spirits or just the lights :) There is an 18+ option with this tour; however, they do let people younger go on the tour.

– Christy D. on TripAdvisor
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