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America’s Most Haunted City Tour

Chilling Stories, Eerie Properties, and Ghost History

Quick Details

  • Start times: 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. for private option
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • 1/2 mile leisurely stroll
  • We hold the ghost tours in Savannah rain or shine so please dress accordingly
  • Bring your camera and a good pair of walking shoes
  • Be ready for a haunting good time
Military Active and Vets

About your walking tour in Savannah, GA

When people hear Savannah lays claim to the expression, “America’s Most Haunted City®”, it leaves them asking “WTH?” (What The Haunted?) Is it true or just a wild claim? You and your family can witness for yourselves haunted Savannah with chilling stories and eerie properties that paved the road to Savannah’s infamous reputation! This 90-minute haunted walking tour bring chilling stories to life, stops by eerie properties, and shares Pre-Colonial ghost history with some tales from the 21st century. Learn about the hauntings and paranormal activity that put Savannah on the map as the ghostly city of greatness.

Investigate the paranormal. Underneath its moss-laden tree canopies and along its cobblestone streets, one may just hear the whispers of Savannah’s restless spirits. Discover why the city’s most unexplained activities are its greatest treasure, and investigate its otherworldly phenomena during this exciting tour of potential paranormal discovery.

We can tell you its more than hype! In 2002, we were the recipients of the America’s Most Haunted City® Award on behalf of the City of Savannah, from the esteemed American Institute of Parapsychology, the world’s most respected field research group. OK, but what does it all mean?

The America’s Most Haunted City Tour is our way of taking you through the oldest and most haunted parts of Savannah’s Historic District and we cover the history of this haunted heritage and reputation by starting at the beginning. We delve into and visit the site of a witch execution, Savannah’s oldest lost and extant cemeteries, haunted 19th-century hotels, all the way to a modern day hag attack. And this walking ghost tour would not be complete without laying eyes on a house that has been exorcised four times and that Duke University called “America’s most psychically possessed house.” So yes, this Savannah tour is full fledged, full scope, and conducted by those in the know – and yet entirely family-friendly. If you’re the Addams Family that is.

Highlights of the America’s Most Haunted City Tour

  • Alice Riley: Witch execution site
  • The Marshall House: Civil War portal
  • Laura’s Cottage: Hag attacks & haint blu
  • 17Hundred90 Inn: Room 204
  • Juliette Gordon-Low Home: A family not dead
  • Colonial Park Cemetery: Orb & spirit playground
  • Hampton Lillibridge: “Most Psychically Possessed House in America”

(*) This list represents possible site locations of this tour, but some sites may not be covered due to guide prerogatives, other tour crowds, or legal time restrictions on certain sites per Savannah laws.

Photography: Permitted but please don’t use your flash at night. Video/Audio is NOT permitted.

Accessibility: All sidewalks and streets have handicap access.

Restrooms: We do not make restroom stops.

Alcohol: The City of Savannah does have an open container ordinance, however we reserve the right to ask unruly persons to leave the tour without a refund.

Location: Click here for directions. Meets on the corner Bull & Broughton Streets (1 East Broughton Street)

*Due to current economic conditions, to avoid an overall price increase, beginning September 1st, 2020, all tickets will be a flat rate and considered “individual” for all ages allowed on the tour.  We will still offer a military/law enforcement/first responder discount.  Ages 3 and Under are still free for daytime and early evening tours.