America's Most Haunted City Tours

America’s Most Haunted City® Tour

When people hear Savannah lays claim to the expression, “America’s Most Haunted City®”, it leaves them asking “WTH?” (What The Haunted?) Is it true or just a wild claim? You and your family can witness haunted Savannah with chilling stories & eerie properties that paved the road to Savannah’s infamous reputation!

We can tell you its more than hype! In 2002 we were the recipients of the America’s Most Haunted City® Award on behalf of the City of Savannah, from the esteemed American Institute of Parapsychology, the world’s most respected field research group. OK, but what does it all mean? The AMHC Tour is our way of taking you through the oldest and most haunted parts of Savannah’s Historic District and we cover the history of this haunted heritage and reputation by starting at the beginning. We delve into and visit the site of a witch execution, Savannah’s oldest lost & extant cemeteries, haunted 19th century hotels, all the way to modern day hag attack. And this tour would not be complete without laying eyes on a house that has been exorcised 4 times and that Duke University called “America’s most psychically possessed house.” So yes, this tour is full fledged, full scope, conducted by those in the know – and yet entirely family friendly. If you’re The Addams Family that is.

  • Savannah’s Haunted Origins Tour
  • Alice Riley: Witch Execution Site
  • The Marshall House: Civil War Portal
  • Laura’s Cottage: Hag Attacks & Haint Blu
  • 17Hundred90 Inn: Room 204
  • Juliette Gordon-Low Home: A Family Not Dead
  • Colonial Park Cemetery: Orb & Spirit Playground
  • Old City Jail: The Condemned Man’s Cell
  • Hampton Lillibridge: “America’s Most Haunted House”
  • Olde Pink House: Flesh N’Blood & Tormented Souls
  • Deveaux House: Root Doctors Roost
  • The Pirate’s House: Ghost Ground Zero

(*) This list represents a total picture of this tour but some sites may not be covered due to guide prerogatives, other tour crowds or legal time restrictions on certain sites per Savannah laws.

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Explore America’s Most Haunted City

Your very own personal experience of some of Savannah, Georgia's most famously haunted locations.

Tour Information

Tour Times: 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM (times subject to seasonal change)
Prices: $25 for adults • $15 for youths 12 & under.
Age Limit: No Age Limit
Distance: 1 mile
Duration: 90 mins
Photography: Permitted but please don’t use your flash at night. Video/Audio is NOT permitted.
Accessibility: All sidewalks and streets have handicap access
Weather: We hold the tours rain or shine so please dress accordingly
Restrooms: We do not make restroom stops
Alcohol: The City of Savannah does have an open container ordinance, however we reserve the right to ask unruly persons to leave the tour without a refund.
Location: Outside Starbuck’s Coffee on the corner of Bull & Broughton Streets (1 East Broughton Street)

Savannah's Most Famous Hauntings

Here is a taste of what you will see and experience on America’s Most Haunted Tour!

“The Hampton Lillibridge Home, Most Psychically Possessed House in America.”
– Duke University. Four exorcisms, Jim Williams (the only person in the state of Georgia ever to be tried four times for the same crime), plus level 5 poltergeist activity! It can be yours for $1.5 Million!

Alice Riley – An Irish witch executed in Savannah for murder. We’ll take you to the cursed spot and even recite her curse just for you!

1810 Orphanage – Perplexing dreams between eight girls were remedied by two demonologists and an antique Ouija board!
Laura’s Cottage – Gullah Haint Blue on this house (the color is meant to confuse evil spirits and keep them at bay) didn’t save one SCAD design student from repeated hag attacks!

Colonial Park Cemetery – Mass graves, hangings, dueling, Voodoo and Root Rites all add up to one amazingly active cemetery! Bring your camera and become a Ghost Paparazzi!

Bradley’s Lock & Key – Four generations of locksmiths, Houdini family ties and one appearance on America’s Most WANTED! We’ll unlock the story!

Juliette Low Birthplace – The most documented haunted house Savannah has to offer! Stirring family, employee and public sightings of “Flesh And Blood” apparitions!

Tour Essentials

Here are some helpful things to help you plan out your tour experience!

savannah walking tours Wear Comfortable Shoes
taking photos during tour Are Encouraged
weather during tours Rain or Shine
paperless tickets And Paper Free!
savannah walking tour duration 1.5 - 2 hours
ghost tour tickets Reservations Required
how long is the walking tour Approx. Half Mile
bathrroms along the tours Limited
prices of tours $15 - $31
handicap access on tours City Streets & Sidewalks
Stay Hydrated Stay Hydrated
Bring Bug Spray Bring Bug Spray
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