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Savannah Walking Ghost Tour

There are a lot of Savannah tours! In 2002, the Sixth Sense Savannah Tours were smashing all of the barriers, and the Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tour was the first walking ghost tour and paranormal stories tour to go above and beyond the usual Savannah sightseeing areas and tourism subject matter. We call this ‘The Truth Seekers Tour’ for a reason. The scary stories and haunted tales started in the Savannah historic district neighborhood where locals, family and friends chose to share their personal ghost stories exclusively with our 6th Sense World Company Founder. Covering paranormal and haunted story topics of poltergeist, hags, exorcism, missing cemeteries, disembodied spirit forms, and haunted hotels, this pioneering Savannah ghost tour is arguably our customer’s favorite and best known ghost walk and history tours in Savannah.

Our original and time established classic, Sixth Sense Savannah Tour is for both the novice and the aficionado seeking great historical narrative and hair raising paranormal intrigue! Previous to 2002, no ghost storytelling occurred in this central Historic District neighborhood. That all changed when we unveiled and pioneered this area’s haunted history through exploring it for 12 years and garnering stories from many friends and neighbors residing there. In fact, both Scariest Places On Earth (Linda Blair) & Ghost Hunters episodes were filmed in the neighborhood because of our investigations! That’s the personal nature of what we offer our guests and we take you up close with first hand encounters of disembodied spirits, Ouija board sessions gone awry, poltergeists in plethora, shadow people, warnings from the beyond and if you’re especially after the insider’s scoop on Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil, this is as close to the dark details that you can get while in Savannah!

  • A True Neighborhood Haunted Tour
  • The Espy House: Gangsters & Ghosts
  • The Mercer House: A Killer House
  • Dr. Corsen Mansion: X-Rays & Exorcism
  • Hamilton-Turner Inn: Haunted Hospitality
  • Old Savannah Jail: Punishing The Damned
  • Colonial Park Cemetery: Dead Upon Dead
  • Calhoun Square: A Lost Cemetery Found

(*) This list represents a total picture of this tour but some sites may not be covered due to guide prerogatives, other tour crowds or legal time restrictions on certain sites per Savannah laws.

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Tour Information

Tour Times: All Ages – 7:00 time slot. Adults Only – 9:30 time slot (times subject to seasonal change)
Prices: $30 for adults • $15 for youths 12 & under.
Age Limit: Adults Only after 9:30 pm
Distance: Approx Half Mile
Duration: 2 hours
Photography: Permitted, but please don’t use your flash at night and NO Video recording
Accessibility: All side walks and parks have handicap access
Weather: We hold the ghost tours rain or shine, so please dress accordingly
Restrooms: No restrooms on this particular ghost tour
Alcohol: The City of Savannah does have an open container ordinance; however, unruly patrons may be asked to leave without a refund.
Smoking: Savannah City Ordinance does NOT permit smoking on tours.
Pets: Service Animals Only Please
Location: Corner of Abercorn & Jones Streets (near 404 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA) Street Parking ONLY

Savannah Walking Tours

You may have read “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”  a non-fiction murder mystery novel by John Berendt. We’ll bring those intriguing Savannah stories to life when you visit the Mercer House. How about the infamous Greek Revival haunted home at 432 Abercorn Street , one of Savannah’s most controversial and most haunted houses? If you’re just looking to whet your appetite with haunted stories, or want to dive full on in more paranormal activity, the Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tour has got you covered and will astonish with endearing to scary stories, start to finish! Voted one of TripAdvisor’s Top Activities in Savannah! The reviews speak volumes!  Among the favorite things to do in Savannah, once you too have settled on Sixth Sense Savannah Tours — no Savannah trip is complete without yet another — our fully-guided Bonaventure Cemetery Tours offered daily at 10 am & 2 pm.


Tour Essentials

Here are some helpful things to help you plan out your tour experience!

savannah walking tours Wear Comfortable Shoes
taking photos during tour Are Encouraged
weather during tours Rain or Shine
paperless tickets And Paper Free!
savannah walking tour duration 1.5 - 2 hours
ghost tour tickets Reservations Required
how long is the walking tour Approx. Half Mile
bathrroms along the tours Limited
prices of tours $15 - $31
handicap access on tours City Streets & Sidewalks
Stay Hydrated Stay Hydrated
Bring Bug Spray Bring Bug Spray
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