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About 6th Sense World

Certified Tour Guides

6th Sense World Certified Master Storytellers and Professional Tour Guides

Since 1995, 6th Sense World Historic Ghost & Cemetery Tours has been offering the best walking ghost tours in Savannah, Georgia. We’re bending minds seven nights a week. And our Master Storytellers bring Bonaventure Cemetery to life with our daily walking Bonaventure Cemetery Tours.

In 2002, Founder, Shannon Scott, received the high honorarium “America’s Most Haunted City” on behalf of the City of Savannah, from the American Institute of Parapsychology. This was the biggest worldwide news story to hit Savannah since “Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil”! And the rest is history!


Shannon Scott - Founder - Tour Guide

Master Storyteller, Certified Tour Guide, Public Speaker, Public figure, Author, Artist, Art Enthusiast, Publisher, Historian, and Paranormal Researcher.

Shannon was a co-host on the television series Scariest places of Earth. His career as a public spokesman for Savannah, Savannah’s history, the field of Parapsychology, hauntings, and all those things that go bump in the night – has placed him on many radio and television shows through out his career such as: The Today Show, Cost to Cost, BBC, Esquire, and South Magazine, just to name a few.

Shannon is the master mind that created the touring experiences for those that tour with 6th Sense World. From tours like, Sixth Sense Savannah, America’s Most Haunted City, The Midnight Tour, Bonaventure Cemetery Tours, Savannah Fireside Tales, and Colonial Park Cemetery. He started his journey as a small business owner in 1995 as a publisher and tour operator, and now we are the largest and longest running ghost tour company in Savannah, Georgia.

The AIP (American Institute of Parapsychology) attended and conducted research at a conference hosted by Shannon Scott in 2002. Through the locations and research the AIP awarded the city with the acclaimed title “America’s Most Haunted City” that Shannon accepted on behalf of the city of Savannah. After that the birth of the America’s Most Haunted City Tour soon followed and the rest is history.


Alyssa Terrell - Tour Guide

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Alyssa moved to Savannah, Georgia in June 2015. In April of that same year, Alyssa visited Savannah and fell in love with all the history, charm, and character of the city, as well as Savannah’s haunted history.

Alyssa has been in the paranormal field for eight years and has traveled all over the USA investigating haunted locations with the Klinge brothers, from the TV show Ghost Lab, as well as the TAPS crew from the TV show Ghost Hunters.


Christopher "Ash" Grimmett - Tour Guide

Ash has been a Certified Tour Guide for four years here in Savannah. Being a native Savannahian, he fell in love with her history at an early age and, of course, her mysterious stories. Ash’s love of Savannah’s history led him to UGA where he became a history major.

On Ash’s tours, he reveals some of Savannah’s rich history as well as shares his own personal experiences in these historical homes and around Savannah. His knowledge of Savannah’s history and legends are vast and he loves to share this with all of Savannah’s visitors.


Erica Graves - Tour Guide

Originally from New York, Erica moved to Savannah, Georgia in early 2016. As a former paranormal investigator, Erica is quite familiar with ghosts and hauntings. Erica headed two ghost research teams back in New York, investigated numerous times with TAPS from the TV show Ghost Hunters, hosted paranormal investigations, and was a common guest on local FM radio and podcast radio shows regarding the supernatural.

Erica hosted speaking engagements regarding paranormal research and hauntings at local colleges and libraries in the northeast. Savannah’s rich haunted history is one of the things which had drawn Erica to the area.


Dahlia - Tour Guide

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Dahlia began her career in the U.S. Air Force as a military journalist. After four years, she received an honorable discharge and went on to work for the federal government in Washington, D.C., as a public relations director for the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Division.

She moved to the Savannah area more than 20 years ago and is a PR/marketing consultant and a freelance writer. Dahlia lives in Savannah and enjoys reading historical biographies, gardening, spending time at Tybee, and playing with her two dogs, Luna and Ollie.


Jeremiah - Tour Guide

Bio coming soon!


Lisa - Tour Guide

Accomplished portrait artist and future ghost Lisa Prentiss is a lifelong Savannah resident. Lisa was raised by her mother and father who were obsessed with all things paranormal. While her friends were playing hide-and-seek and Candy Land, Lisa and her two sisters were playing ghost in the graveyard and the Ouija board. Her family vacations always consisted of visiting the local cemeteries, especially in the low country.

Lisa attended the Savannah College of Art and Design and was voted one of “Savannah’s Artists to Know” by the South Magazine in which she graced the cover of the 7th anniversary edition in 2014. As an artist and history enthusiast she can’t wait to share her stories with you!

Meet the faces behind the scenes of 6th Sense World


Angela Lynn - CEO/ President

Angela, a genuine Georgia Peach, grew up on a northeast Georgia farm and fell in love with history and things that go bump in the night at an early age. She was a 1980 Franklin County High School Honor Graduate, and went on to attend two years at Young Harris College and DeKalb Community College majoring in computer science. Angela then spent 20 years in the corporate world of The Sherwin-Williams Company working in the Southeastern Division Office in Tucker, Georgia, with the last seven of those years as Savannah District Coordinator. Angela is the proud mother of two sons, Brannon, a Junior at Georgia Southern University, and Noah, a Freshman at Armstrong State University.

After a painful divorce in 2004, Angela began to explore her old passion of all things ‘sixth sense.’ She loved Sylvia Browne, and one evening while perusing the internet, she found Sylvia on a website called There were so many fascinating people on there! One lady in particular struck a chord… Esther Hicks. Esther, with the help of her non-physical friends, Abraham, teach about the Universal Law of Attraction. Angela became intrigued with these teachings and decided to give it a try one night. She stood in her room and proclaimed out loud, “OK, Universe, I want to do something big. I don’t know what, but something BIG!.. And, I want to know more about Savannah, because the tourists know more than I do. And, I want to know my very own psychic!” (Still thinking of Sylvia 🙂 )

As a result of that asking, in late 2008, Angela began her career in the tourism industry when she met Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tours Founder, Shannon Scott. They became business partners and in 2009, incorporated Jones Street Productions and created the umbrella of 6th Sense World® Historic Ghost & Cemetery Tours. In 2011, Angela took the reigns as President and CEO and has used her past experience in the business world to create a classy, professional, respected company that prides itself in offering only the very best in Savannah experiences.

Angela also has the privilege of knowing some very ‘gifted’ and talented individuals as a result of this journey. 6th Sense World® is a dream come true and shall be her legacy.


Tami Sabo - Creative Director

Tami has aided in many facets of the creation of 6th Sense World since 2002. She works as the company’s graphic designer creating the hauntingly classic style that many have grown to appreciate and expect from 6th Sense World. As a creative director, she plays an active role in event planning and tour development. Her love of Savannah and history inspired her work with the hospitality industry here in Savannah. It also lead her to create and author a special keepsake and mystic tool of Savannah “The Savannah Deck.” She has been involved with many Parapsychology groups through the span of 20 years as a researcher in the field.

Attributes; Graphic designer, Paranormal Researcher & Investigator, Historian, Theologian, Metaphysician, Certified Astrologer, Intuitive, Author, Publisher, Journalist, and Inventor


Stacy Hill - Booking Agent

Rev Stacy Hill is an ordained minister, intuitive, tarot card reader/Cartomancer, Reiki Master/teacher, Shamanic Energy healer, and member of the International Tarot Foundation. She became involved with 6th Sense World in 2008 with their huge paranormal event at Oatland Island, and has worked with them on and off for the past eight years. She is currently active and working with 6th Sense World in the office, customer service, events, and paranormal events as a researcher and sensitive. She has been on her path for over 15 years. Being active in the mystical side of Savannah since 2001, she has held, and been involved in, Reiki Share events, Reiki Classes, card reading classes, group meditations, tarot card reading parties, drummings and other healing circles all around the South East of the US, as well being a co-founder of Savannah Mystic Fair, and has been involved in other metaphysical type events, as well as co-founder of In New Light Video Magazine. Her deep knowledge of the Esoteric, and being a Celtic Traditional Occult practitioner, has helped her tremendously as a researcher for 6th Sense World as well as aiding in offering other tour possibilities. She posts her Full Moon and New Moon Astro-Tarot readings as AstroDivination on WordPress and Facebook.