Walking Ghost Tours in Savannah Ga

Savannah Ghosts Paranormal Investigation Tours featuring the Harper Fowlkes Mansion

“So… You want to find a ghost?” Come experience an actual paranormal investigation of Savannah ghosts on this one of a kind Savannah Ghost Tour!  And what better place than Savannah—the city built on it’s dead…America’s Most Haunted City.

In this two hour paranormal investigation, our tour guides will teach you the history of one of Savannah’s most notoriously haunted locations and share some of our spookiest ghost stories with you.

We’ll share actual paranormal evidence captured on our own investigations that will amaze you.

Then we’ll demonstrate some of the actual devices we use on paranormal investigations.  You may see field demonstrations of…

  • EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena.  Watch as we attempt to record real spirit voices!
  • Initiate spirit communication using the Ovilus or similar device
  • Try to reach the other side through the Spirit Box
  • Attempt to communicate with our own Blessed Spirit Boards
  • Learn about pendulums as divination tools
  • Capture pictures with your own digital camera or video equipment
  • And don’t forget just to use your own senses… keeping your eyes and ears open
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Savannah Ghost Hunter

Join Savannah Ghosts tour for an authentic ghost hunting and paranormal investigation experience

Tour Information

Tour Times: 8:30 PM (times subject to seasonal change)
Prices: $50.00 Individual
Age Limit: 13+
Distance: Inside Harper Fowlkes Mansion
Duration: 2 hours - Subject to Seasonal Changes
Photography: Permitted
Accessibility: Not recommended for wheelchairs.
Weather: We hold the tours rain or shine so please dress accordingly
Restrooms: Restrooms provided
Alcohol: NOT permitted
Smoking: NOT permitted
Pets: Not permitted
Location: GPS - 230 Barnard St, Savannah, GA

Map Location

A Real Savannah Ghost Hunt

Of course, paranormal activity can never be guaranteed—ghosts don’t perform on command, but our Host will guide you to locations where spirit activity has been documented in the past.

Bring your digital cameras (cell phone cameras are fine), a good pair of walking shoes, and an open mind. Tag along on a real ghost hunt for a night! And who knows? You just might encounter some Savannah Ghosts along the way!

Tour Essentials

Here are some helpful things to help you plan out your tour experience!

savannah walking tours Wear Comfortable Shoes
taking photos during tour Are Encouraged
weather during tours Rain or Shine
paperless tickets And Paper Free!
savannah walking tour duration 1.5 - 2 hours
ghost tour tickets Reservations Required
how long is the walking tour Approx. Half Mile
bathrroms along the tours Limited
prices of tours $15 - $31
handicap access on tours City Streets & Sidewalks
Stay Hydrated Stay Hydrated
Bring Bug Spray Bring Bug Spray
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