Private Carriage tour with Cesar Romero


the joker cesar romero
In 1991 I gave Cesar Romero a private carriage tour. It was a black Vis-A-Vis with patent leather and crushed red velvet seats. He was wearing a white suit and had jet white hair and mustache with very tan skin. I was sitting high up looking back down on him and I’ll never forget it, as we turned the corner by The Savannah Theater he looked high up at the sign and with a great gleam in his eyes,

He said, “Ahhhh, that’s where I first performed when I was 9 years of age!”

He died less than 3 years later. Who knows, maybe he was backtracking his life before the end. As a performer in my own way, I studied certain actors as a child and he was always one of my favorite with his large expressive face, booming voice and of course he made a crazy Joker. It was a chance meeting that I’ve never forgotten and one of the early experiences that was proof Savannah was so very cool with seal of approval given by Cesar Romero himself!

– Shannon Scott

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