Savannah’s own Diva has left the building


lady chablis


RIP Chablis. As a young SCAD student I recall when you could go into the Who’s Who on Bay Street during St. Patrick’s Day and watch guys wrestle alligators for a $1.00 and then at night watch Lady Chablis perform. And back in the days before 9/11 when life was truly still innocent and downtown a much smaller club where if they knew you, you could get served underage. Club One was a haven and it was a treat to go to Chablis’ after hour parties til dawn at her house on Liberty Street. It all seemed so natural and novel. Thanks for the memories Chablis. Her book “Hiding My Candy” is truly fascinating for anyone looking for some compelling and entertaining reading. A class act with great depth is no more.

– Shannon Scott

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